Free - Job Analysis Survey and Report


Do you need to recruit?

The first step in successfully recruiting the right people is to analyse the requirements for the job. This is best done by looking at high performing individuals that are performing this role, but this is often not practical. A quick and simple alternative exists. A Profiles Job Analysis Survey.

By completing this survey we will provide you detailed reports back with the type of person who would most likely be successful in the role. It will provide measures on their cognitive abilities, their behavioural preferences and their motivational interests. These traits have been shown to be the best predictors of long term success.

There is no cost for you except for your time, however it may be the most valuable excercise you do this year.

Download example reports for a fictional Management Accountant position:

  Download an example Job Analysis Report (for example purposes only)

  Download an example Job Pattern Description (for example purposes only)

  Download the Profiles Job Analysis Survey

Once you have completed the survey fax it to 1800 649 719 (please provide a return e-mail address) or email to