Take a fresh approach to your business challenges


Dear Business Owner,


Namsat Systems Accounting can help you cost-effectively manage all administrative functions including accounting, tax and human resource responsibilities.


Namsat will be on YOUR side and will help reduce your tax and compliance costs where possible.


As a small business owner you have one of the most challenging jobs on the planet and it's not likely to get any easier with increasing regulations and compliance responsibilities being thrust onto you. You can be protected from this by engaging Namsat to be your professional shield against this onslaught of administrative issues. Namsat will provide simple advice on what needs to be addressed when; and provide practical assistance on getting it done.


As my understanding of your business grows I can provide advice and a sounding board on strategic issues and opportunities. In this rapidly changing world a successful business will continually improve to keep competitive and profitable. Namsat can assist you develop systems to facilitate a continuous improvement culture.


Call 02 6051 5675 to arrange an appointment to discuss a fresh approach to your business challenges.


Tas Davies CPA


Namsat Systems Accounting is a CPA Practice